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GlossaryLanguagesEntry countLast updatedOwner
marketingIngiriisi, Polish, Russian62Today
ETFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Talyaani211Today
Electrical EngineeringArmenian, Ingiriisi4Today
TR->ENIngiriisi, Turkish11Today
EN-ITGerman, Ingiriisi, Talyaani2,578Today
EN-HC GeneralHaitian-Creole, Ingiriisi110Today
ES-HCHaitian-Creole, Ingiriisi, Spanish5Today
FR-HCFaransiis, Haitian-Creole3Today
EN-HC COVID-19Haitian-Creole, Ingiriisi171Today
British SlangIngiriisi, Turkish16Today
Schools / EducationIngiriisi, Portuguese1Aug 12
Danish > EnglishDanish, Ingiriisi86Aug 12
Spanish > EnglishIngiriisi, Spanish174Aug 12
English to Turkish Medical/PharmaceuticalIngiriisi, Turkish121Aug 12
RU-EN medical/pharmaceuticalGreek, Ingiriisi, Russian472Aug 12
Tech/Engineering ConstructionIngiriisi, Polish, Russian84Aug 12
Drmanu49 glossaryDutch, Faransiis, Ingiriisi, Polish, Spanish, Talyaani6,707Aug 12
MedicalFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Portuguese, Spanish82Aug 12
LawFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Portuguese, Spanish81Aug 12
MedicalIngiriisi, Russian, Ukrainian15Aug 12
Ulis GlossaryGerman, Ingiriisi37Aug 12
EN>ITIngiriisi, Talyaani15Aug 12
TEC-INGGerman, Spanish36Aug 12
automotiveIndonesian, Ingiriisi5Aug 12
Law, Business & FinanceIngiriisi, Polish227Aug 12
Persian to EnglishFarsi (Persian), Ingiriisi12Aug 12
Mario FreitasFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Portuguese, Spanish, Talyaani3,933Aug 12
EducationIngiriisi, Polish, Russian200Aug 11
Medical - Medical (general)Ingiriisi, Polish, Russian1,369Aug 11
Sophie Meis GlossaryFarsi (Persian), Ingiriisi, Persian (Farsi)149Aug 11
EducationIngiriisi, Spanish1Aug 11
cranes_CFIngiriisi, Spanish743Aug 11
English to PersianFarsi (Persian), Ingiriisi, Persian (Farsi)13Aug 11
DE-ITGerman, Ingiriisi, Talyaani1,781Aug 11
Glossary of PSz TranslationFaransiis, Hungarian, Ingiriisi7Aug 11
English to Farsi (Persian)Farsi (Persian), Ingiriisi, Persian (Farsi)367Aug 11
TudoIngiriisi, Portuguese20Aug 11
Glossary: EnergyFaransiis, German, Ingiriisi, Spanish, Talyaani109Aug 11
MRC Translations - English-PortugueseIngiriisi, Portuguese, Spanish1,039Aug 11
MedicalCarabi, Ingiriisi9Aug 11
EN-PTFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Portuguese, Talyaani2,091Aug 11
Modo di direFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Spanish, Talyaani24Aug 11
AutomotiveGerman, Ingiriisi, Polish499Aug 11
JuridiqueFaransiis, Spanish25Aug 11
FR-PTFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Portuguese, Spanish779Aug 11
RU abbreviationsIngiriisi, Russian70Aug 11
Science & TechFaransiis, Ingiriisi, Spanish, Talyaani1,278Aug 11
Hilton\'s glossaryIngiriisi, Portuguese153Aug 10
OVL - GeneralIngiriisi, Russian529Aug 10
Lesia glossIngiriisi, Russian2Aug 10
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