Translator group buying

When translators buy CAT tools and other software together, everyone can get a lower price. Please review the current campaigns below, and sign up for any you are interested in.

Join SDL's 10 day Translator Group Buy: How much will you save?

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  1. Yong-il Kwon, South Korea
  2. Chee Liang Pang, Malaysia
  3. Norskpro, Norway
  4. Kanako Fujiwara, Spain
  5. Cathy Rosamond, French Guiana
  6. Le Tran, Malaysia
  7. Tanita Andres, Thailand
  8. Jessica Feuillet, France
  9. TB CommuniCAT, Canada
  10. Shigeo Kobayashi, Japan
  11. Carlos Abelheira, Brazil
  12. Miseon Lee, South Korea
  13. Waleed Alsubhi, United Kingdom
  14. Siyoon Ji, South Korea
  15. Narae Won, South Korea
  16. Panjanan Worapimrat, Thailand
  17. Lidia Puga, United States
  18. Roxana Cretulescu, Romania
  19. EFFIONG Essien, Luxembourg
  20. Guilherme Silva, Brazil
  21. Qing Xiong, China
  22. Guillem Quílez Marín, Spain
  23. Farah Azme, Malaysia
  24. Mollie Milesi, Israel
  25. regina lanoe
  26. Raphael Silva Vidotto, United Kingdom
  27. Mirta Guerra
  28. Neus Adrian, Spain
  29. Chantal Poirson, France
  30. Francine Durand-Chartier, Canada
  31. Ann-Kathrin Geyer, Germany
  32. Aude Fenaille, France

ProZians save more on memoQ!

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  1. Ali Yucel, United Kingdom
  2. Tatiana Nikitina, Russian Federation
  3. WeiYi Jiang, Taiwan
  4. Magali De Cannière, Belgium
  5. Armin Claus, Germany
  6. Hilton F Santos, Brazil
  7. Cristiana Buccini, Germany
  8. JSolis, United States
  9. M Boisset, France
  10. Mustafa Gül, Turkey
  11. ATET, Poland
  12. Enote
  13. Joep Nijsen
  14. Tamar Arenas Pastor, Spain
  15. Lindsay Mann, United Kingdom
  16. Stella Cho, South Korea
  17. TradeFXL, Israel
  18. KaydeeC, Spain
  19. Lionel Kempf, France
  20. GenevieveHillen, Netherlands
  21. Chiara Mazzi, Italy
  22. Catriona Corke, United Kingdom
  23. Elia Gasparini, Italy
  24. Ewelina Rockenbauer, Austria
  25. Staffan Wiman, Sweden
  26. Sean Fitzpatrick
  27. Susanna Martoni, Italy
  28. Dovrat Levy, United Kingdom
  29. Meridy Lippoldt, United States
  30. Iryna Maslova
  31. Jelenann, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  32. suas888, Slovakia
  33. Elizabeth Niklewska, United Kingdom
  34. David Madsen
  35. Michele Lemieux-Madison, United States
  36. Mylene P, France
  37. Robgo, Austria
  38. Eman Abdo, Egypt
  39. Michael Scholand, Germany
  40. Krisztina Einsiedl, Austria
  41. advancedhk, Hong Kong
  42. Robin Shin, South Korea
  43. Yujin Kang, South Korea
  44. Elaine Ruby, Ireland
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International Translation Day Special - Save 40% on CafeTran Espresso!

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International Translation Day special - Wordfast Pro 5 35% off!

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Translator Group Buying

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